Wigs, one of the treatment modalities in severe alopecia areata can improve the quality of life in patients by enhancing their self-esteem and social adjustment.

    Wigs are widely used as a treatment option for chemotherapy-induced alopecia. Wigs have a positive effect on psychosocial aspects in patients.

    A wig worn by a patient with alopecia for treatment purposes is not merely ornamental, but a necessity for daily life, similar to a prosthesis used by a patient who has lost a leg or an eye. Hence, it is called a “scalp or hair prosthesis” to differentiate it from a fashion wig.

    Afroanew hair wigs collection are a premium solution for women experiencing hair loss due to cancer, alopecia or other medical conditions. For many women, the full or partial loss of hair is an upsetting and even a traumatic experience. As one of the most immediately recognizable physical features, hair plays an important role not only in how women project themselves to others, but also in the way they view themselves and their overall self-image. As a result, many women wear wigs for cancer, alopecia and other conditions to regain their confidence, self-esteem and to maintain a sense of glamour. To achieve the most natural look and feel, many women opt for wigs. At Afroanew, we manufacture both, the first being high quality Japanese synthetic wigs and the other being human hair wigs. Women who purchase Afroanew wigs for hair loss value the quality and expert craftsmanship that goes into each item, as it gives them an unmistakably real feel and appearance that they can be confident wearing day-in and day-out. Many customers tell us of compliments they have received on their hair and say that they look better in an Afroanew wig than they ever did in their own hair.

    Alopecia is a less well-known condition, but affects the lives of thousands of men and women in the United States. A disease of the hair follicles, alopecia sufferers experience hair loss that can range from only small patches of baldness to rarer cases marked by the complete lack of hair on the body. A notoriously unpredictable condition and difficult to treat, many sufferers find that wearing wigs for Alopecia is a practical and attractive solution for their everyday beauty needs. Of course, there are a range of other conditions that can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. In any case, women around the world have trusted Afroanew when it comes to finding a perfect wig, be it for cancer treatment, alopecia or any other hair loss condition. The superior quality and construction of our wigs, give women experiencing hair loss the look they need to feel beautiful and confident at a time when they need it most. Take this opportunity to browse the Afroanew Collection.

We have some secret designs made with special love and care for our alopecia customers. The special wigs have been designed with utmost care keeping in mind each and every thing for our beautiful people out there.

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